TSIGHTS: An Implementation of a Low Cost Solution for Traffic Service Management

P. López-Matencio, F. Cerdán, and S. Almagro (Spain)


Network management, traffic service measurement, multiplatform, graphical user interface.


The complexity of a large communications network demands the use of efficient and reliable automatic management systems. Furthermore, as the network grows, becoming more complex and heterogeneous, the management cost also increases. Standardized tools which can be used for a wide range of communications equipment made by different manufacturers are necessary in order to control management costs. TSIGHTS is a generic management implementation which, taking the real-time traffic flow measurement (RTFM) model as a point of reference, can work in any IP network with most types of switching and routing equipments. The development of TSIGHTS is based on the NeTraMet platform. To make it easier to use, the user interface of TSIGHTS is programmed in Java and interacts with NeTraMet, controlling and managing the most important processes of the platform. TSIGHTS is also able to show statistical reports of the data collected on the network and represent them graphically.

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