Study of a Practical FEC Scheme for Wireless Data Streaming

C. Huang and L. Xu (USA)


FEC, Array codes, Loss recovery, Energy efficiency, Wire less data streaming


FEC (Forward Error Correction) techniques are widely used in streaming data applications. The increasing pop ularity of streaming over wireless links, however, poses ad ditional challenges because of its high data loss character istic and the energy/computation limitation of wireless ter minals. Consequently, traditional FEC schemes might no longer be suitable. And new FEC scheme is desirable in this context. In this paper, we focus on the EVENODD code to study MDS (Maximum Distance Separable) array codes as a practical FEC scheme. An efficient and versatile de coding algorithm is proposed to enhance the EVENODD code. Compared to two mostly used FEC schemes: the parity code and the Reed-Solomon code, we demonstrate the advantage of the EVENODD code in battling both random and burst data loss, as well as its savings in en ergy/computation. Both analytical and simulation results show that the EVENODD code is a suitable FEC scheme for wireless data streaming.

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