A Novel Multimedia System for Traffic Remote Controlling

J. Martínez, C.E. Palau, M. Esteve, and B. Molina (Spain)


Remote video controlling, video encoding, open systems, open software, streaming


Traditional traffic control networks have based their technological infrastructure both on advanced close television systems (TVCC) and point-to-point links. The current digitalization process of video networks has led vendors to present proprietary hardware and software solutions with the aim of creating a strong dependency among their customers. This work presents an open control system which bases its design on COTS philosophy for hardware and software, as well as open source and standardized protocols. The control system is further compared with those offered by current manufacturers, showing that our proposed system is the most suitable solution in terms of scalability, cost, interoperability and performance for traffic control systems. Besides, its architecture can be easily adapted to other video applications.

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