Design and Implementation of a Mobile Medical Information System

Y.-W. Bai and Y.-S. Huang (Taiwan)


Electronic Medical Record, Video Stream, Error Correction


In this paper, we design and implement a mobile medical information system that integrates the remote medical videoconference, the real-time electronic medical records and the wireless communication network, which provides users with accessing the system through wireless channel and hand-held devices such as, Tablet PC and PDA. Our design uses the videoconference system compress technology using the MPEG-4 standard, a large amount of shortens video stream data at 1/24 sizes. Each picture or frame is compressed from 153.6 K bytes to 6.21 K bytes, with effective error detection, which balances the quality of the medical pictures and transmission efficiency of the wireless communication network. In addition, our design provides integration of the medical records with images, text, and waveform of the medical information obtained by the database mechanism that is easily stored, searched, transmitting and shared with the authorized medical persons.

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