Web-based Remote Digital Stethoscope

Y.-W. Bai and C.-L. Lu (Taiwan)


Digital Stethoscope, Interface Circuit, Power Line Communication, Virtual Instrumentation


In this paper, we propose a design and implementation of a Web-Based remote digital stethoscope that integrates current software, hardware interface devices, PC, and Internet into the remotely operated virtual instrumentation. The interface devices of this prototype system consist of a traditional stethoscope, a microphone, a sound card, and a headphone. In the network hardware, we use power line communication (PLC) to take the place of the Ethernet, because PLC requires no new wires, and our devices can communicate via interface over the existing electrical wires. This system is easily assembled both at home and at a medical treatment center. In addition, by using the virtual instrumentation available on a PC, the users can immediately have a remotely operated digital stethoscope. To maintain a good quality of service for the large amount of files required for a digital stethoscope application, by using a disk benchmark program, we measure our system performance to determine the best value of the block size of the hard disk. Because we use PC compatible software and hardware, our remote digital stethoscope design can also be easily connected to a wireless LAN and WAN.

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