Design of a Multimedia Data Management System Base on the Web

G.W. Kang, Y.E. An, Y.C. Choung, S.K. Kang, and J.A. Park (Korea)


MPEG-7, Database, Multi-media Search System


A variety of web services are needed due to development of information and communication network and rapid increase of the Internet demand, but as data of enormous volume are needed for services on the multimedia data, which causes overload in network, it is hard to provide quick and various services. Recently, to solve the problem, much research on effective techniques for multimedia data search such as MPEG-7 has been conducted. This study is to identify disadvantages of keyword base systems owned by existing multimedia data search systems, and to design an effective web base multimedia data management system to provide various services. The suggested systems were designed to provide a variety of reliable web base search services by constructing database through addition of information on various image descriptors.

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