Aggregate Congestion Control for Video-on-Demand Traffic Transmission

S. Herrería-Alonso, P.J. Argibay-Losada, M. Rodríguez-Pérez, and A. Suárez-González (Spain)


Traffic management, aggregated traffic, video-on-demand, quality of service.


Ping Trunking is an edge-to-edge management technique that can provide some service guarantees to flow aggre gates. Each trunk comprises several individual flows run ning between two nodes in a network at a rate dynamically determined by a Vegas-like congestion control mechanism. A control connection is in charge of regulating the rate at which trunks send their data packets. Ping Trunking is not only able to share the available bandwidth among compet ing aggregates in a fair manner, but it also can be an ef fective tool for network operators in managing applications which involve video streaming over IP networks. Video on-Demand (VoD) is expected to be one of the most pop ular among this kind of applications. In this paper, some simulation experiments have been conducted to evaluate Ping Trunking performance when managing VoD traffic. Simulation results demonstrate that our proposal satisfac torily fulfills VoD network requirements in terms of band width, losses and delay.

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