Assisting Video on Demand Systems with Congestion Control Techniques: A Case Study

M. Rodríguez-Pérez, P.J. Argibay-Losada, S. Herrería-Alonso, and M. Fernández-Veiga (Spain)


Multicast, multimedia, congestion control, VoD


We present a complete architecture for a Video on De mand (VoD) system. Our proposal does not depend on the deployment of new network infrastructure in the network, and only relies on end-to-end communi cation between participating receivers and the sender to control the transmission. We employ a broadcast ing schema to produce the video data to be sent to the receivers and a multicast congestion control algo rithm to control the data throughput. As the broad casting schema produces a constant bitrate stream and the network available bandwidth can vary with time, a rate adaptor is employed to adjust the transmitted data to what the network can admit. With the help of simulations we show how our proposal is able to de grade in a controlled manner providing an adequate quality to all receivers. It is also shown how the con gestion control algorithm employed is able to guaran tee the network stability.

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