Implementation of an Integrated Secure Mobile Wireless Architecture

M. Keshariya and R. Hunt (New Zealand)


WLAN, CDMA, Mobile IP, AAA, WirelessSecurity, IPSec, 802.1x


3G wireless wide area mobile and the IEEE 802.11 family of local area wireless technologies are two of the most significant emerging wireless technologies and both architectures possess complementary characteristics. While 3G networks offer always-on, ubiquitous connectivity with relatively low data rates, 802.11 offers relatively low cost communication at higher data rates, but encompasses only small geographical areas, suitable for hot-spot applications in hotels, campus and airports. By developing a link between the two architectures, it is possible to achieve always best-connected services i.e. essentially continuous communication via the interface that offers the best price/performance characteristics. However, the mobility requirements of mobile users change with various scenarios. Such users typically want to connect to the public or private networks most convenient to them at the time of connection. We present a versatile mobility solution, which accommodates different interfaces with different levels of security and authentication, which could be deployed as and when required. Our testbed is based on standardised protocols including Mobile IP, IPSec, AAA and 802.1x, and we present performance analysis to validate our architectural approach.

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