RF-Microwave High Performance Passives for Wireless LAN Applications

Y. Amin (Pakistan), H. Tenhunen, L.-R. Zheng, X. Duo, and S. Amin (Sweden)


Quality factor, Bandpass filter, Liquid Crystal Polymer,Low noise amplifier, RF Front-End.


This paper presents the design, measured data, and systematic analysis of spiral embedded inductors (series and parallel) and capacitors fabricated on liquid crystal polymer substrate using MCM-D technology. Several configurations for inductors are investigated to optimize the inductor layout dimensions such as conductor width, number of turns, inner diameter, spacing between inductor and ground. Moreover, the metal used is aluminium but even with this metal maximum Q of 64 for a 1.4 nH inductor at 5.25 GHz. The quality factor of capacitors as high as 1100. High-Q inductors and capacitors embedded on liquid crystal polymer substrate can find numerous RF and microwave system-on-package (SoP) applications, such as IF/RF bandpass filters, LNAs etc. and we have demonstrated this by designing a complete RF front-end for wireless applications, in which IC chips are flip-chip mounted on the package.

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