A Design Methodology for Low Complexity Trellis Codes with Large Distance Properties

A. Jain and R. Bose (India)


Trellis codes; Convolutional codes; large free distance; block codes


We present a novel method for constructing trellis codes having large free distances, dfree, without compromising on the code rate (R = k/n) and the trellis complexity. In our approach, we exploit the large dfree property of trellis structures and high code rates of block codes, simultaneously, to come up with codes which have dfree higher than the reported values, for a given code rate and the number of states in the trellis. Through some examples, it has been shown in this paper that using this method, codes having dfree higher than the upper bounds calculated for Convolutional codes, may be constructed. Hence this design methodology allows the code-designer to construct low complexity, high rate trellis codes with very high error-correcting capabilities. This work is an extension of the idea presented in [1].

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