Product Coded MIMO Systems with Iterative Decoding

Muladi, N. Fisal, and S.K. Yusof (Malaysia)


coding and modulation techniques


In this paper, different reading-wise of product code are employed to provide space-time codes for multiple input and multi output (MIMO) system. The dimension of product code corresponds to the number of transmit antennas whereas the sequence from different reading wise will be transmitted via different transmit antennas. Linear block codes with hard decoding is used as constituent code of product code. Performance of the proposed system is analysed in the term of probability of bit error and investigated under different number of channel response samples. The proposed system provides full rate transmission for any number of transmit antennas. However, at the probability of error 10-5 the proposed system requires 0.5 dB power more than the concatenated product code with space-time block code (PC-STBC) system using thre transmit and three receive antennas.

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