Performance Evaluation of a Prioritized Reservation Scheme for Optical Burst Switching (OBS)

D. Silvarajah, S. Khatun, M.H. Habaebi, and B.M. Ali (Malaysia)


Horizon, OBS Reservation, prioritized Horizon, QoS,Service Differentiation.


This paper proposes a new reservation scheme for prioritized wavelength occupation in the OBS network. The scheme employs an extra offset time (EOT) to its real-time (RT) traffic during periods of congestion, only. In other words, when all wavelengths are occupied, the RT traffic is given priority over the non real-time (NRT) traffic, by offsetting its service time with the employment of EOT. This obviates the idea of providing fixed extra offset time (FEOT) to RT traffic at all times, as in the case of prioritized just enough time (pJET). Since the proposed scheme needs to check the availability of wavelengths in advance before employing the EOT, this idea is incorporated into the Horizon reservation scheme, which has the benefit of `time horizon', hence, the name prioritized Horizon (pHorizon). The pHorizon is compared against the pJET to evaluate the performance of the former scheme in terms of blocking probabilities, and in providing sufficient Quality of Service (QoS).

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