Conformance Execution with System Call Footprints

Z. Liu (PRC)


Software Checking, Software Verification, Software Quality


Conformance execution is a new approach in which execution of software is checked and verified at runtime to conform to certain properties. The check and verification in conformance execution is performed, so far, only at the level of software specifications such that discords at the boundary of software interface methods can be detected during software execution. While conceptually innovative and practically significant, conformance execution at the software specification level has a key disadvantage: It is impossible to check and verify runtime behaviors of soft ware, which, arguably, is the core for improving software assurance and quality. This paper thus introduces a new approach to conformance execution such that the check and verification are performed at the level of software runtime behaviors. Our approach is based upon a formal model of program execution, which allows software runtime events to be formulated systematically using system call footprints.

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