Self-Synchronize Architecture for Stream Cipher

R. Razali, R. Abdullah, and A. Samsudin (Malaysia)


Cryptography, Stream Cipher, and Self-Synchronous.


Stream ciphers encrypt data one bit at a time. There are two categories of stream cipher: synchronous stream cipher and self-synchronous (asynchronous) stream cipher. Self-synchronous stream cipher allows the cipher algorithm to synchronize automatically by itself, which is the characteristic lacking in the synchronous stream cipher. In synchronous stream ciphers, the keystream is generated independently of the plaintext or ciphertext. However, the previous ciphertext characters and the key function become apart in generating the keystream in self synchronous stream cipher. In this paper, we introduce new architecture to provide a platform to self synchronous any stream ciphers. This new architecture does not require any modification of any given stream ciphers algorithm. The concept we use is similar to the plug-in concept, where any stream ciphers algorithm can be used to obtain self-synchronous mode of operation.

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