Embedded Communication and Java Technologies for Traffic Information in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

S. Zhi, M. Thomas, E. Peytchev, T. Osman, and D. Al-Dabass (UK)


mobile communications, traffic data Access, Ad Hoc networks.


Traffic information systems have a highly centralized structure. Roadside sensors deliver traffic data to a central unit for processing and is then transmitted, with a significant delay, to drivers via broadcast or on demand via cellular phone. This paper describes the embedded communications and Java technologies essential to establishing data networks to enable vehicles to communicate with one another while being part of a traffic system. An adhoc vehicle network is then put forward to enable vehicles to continuously add new nodes as vehicles comes within range. By keeping all nodes within this adhoc network updated in real time, tactics and strategies can be formed and updated as traffic situation changes to ensure maximum flow of vehicles.

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