Intensity Feature Filtering with Node Elimination Approach for Low Bit-Rate Mesh-based Image Coding

P. Kocharoen, K.M. Ahmed, R.M.A.P. Rajatheva (Thailand), and W.A.C. Fernando (UK)


Multimedia over wireless, Mesh-Based Image Coding, Low Bit-rate Image Coding, Image Compression


In this paper, a new procedure for low bit-rate content adaptive mesh-based coding of image has been proposed. The proposed algorithm employs an intensity feature map extraction with a specific threshold level to place initial nodes densely in regions that contain high frequency features and nodes are placed coarsely in smooth regions. After that, many insignificant nodes are removed using node elimination scheme. Then, the Hilbert scan is applied before quantization and entropy coding to reduce the number of transmitted information. The proposed algorithm is well suited for usage at very low bit-rate image and video coding, e.g. over mobile phone or wireless channel, as processing results have demonstrated that it provides a good subjective and objective image quality at a lower number of required bits.

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