Mobility and Completeness in Publish/Subscribe Topologies

S. Tarkoma and J. Kangasharju (Finland)


Mobile Computing, Content Distribution Networking, Large-scale Monitoring and Provisioning Systems


The event paradigm and publish/subscribe systems allow clients to asynchronously receive information that matches their interests. The requirements of mobile computing present new challenges pertaining to event delivery that need to be solved. In this paper, we formally examine sev eral state transfer protocols for different pub/sub topolo gies. The new results of this paper are the cost functions for both subscriber and publisher mobility, and investigation and formulation of completeness of subscriptions and ad vertisements. The results show that rendezvous points are good for pub/sub mobility, handovers in incomplete topolo gies are more costly than in complete, and the brokers in volved with mobility have no way of detecting complete ness based on local information alone.

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