Transmission Power Adjustment based on Predeterministic Movement in Ad Hoc Networks

P. Kulsirimongkol and C. Saivichit (Thailand)


Ad Hoc Network, MANET, Adjustment of Transmission power, Periodic Movement


The work presented in this paper is concerned with periodic movement of mobile nodes in an Ad Hoc Networks. Each node spends the first period through learning process of its movement pattern. The proposed algorithm shall be used to calculate suitable transmission range which will, predeterministically, be adjusted at various periods accordingly. Two strategies for transmission power adjustment are proposed. The first one is an adjustment at specific interval. The latter is to adjust transmission range when the preset threshold is reached. The simulation results show that the node movement is influential on the suitable power transmission range. Efficient power transmission provides good power consumption rate but trade-off is needed for the overhead generated for topology updates.

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