Supporting Interactive Publish-Subscribe Applications in a Mobile Ad-Hoc Environment

C. Khunboa (Thailand) and R. Simon (USA)


: Distributed virtual applications, Interest Management, Ad hoc networks, Multicast protocols.


It is increasingly desirable to be able to support real-time interactive applications such as gaming, tele-immersion, and search-and-rescue operations within a mobile ad hoc environment. Interactive applications are often supported by Publish-Subscribe middleware. To address this need, our paper describes the Distributed Weighted multi-Core Multicast Protocol (DWCMP). DWCMP is designed to support interactive applications that run within a mobile ad hoc network by dynamically assigning, advertising and when necessary migrating core communication nodes for interest management support. DWCMP has a highly flex ible set of protocol parameters that can quickly be tuned to both virtual application requirements and the physical mobility aspects of the system. We present an analytical model that allows the protocol to be tuned for high per formance, and an extensive set of performance evaluation studies. Our results indicate that DWCMP can support the real-time communication requirements of many types of in teractive applications within a mobile ad hoc environment.

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