Making SAHN-MAC Independent of Single Frequency Channel and Omnidirectional Antennas

M.M. Islam, R. Pose, and C. Kopp (Australia)


Ad-Hoc Network, SAHN, QoS, Realtime, 802-11e, Ad mission Control, Multi Channel, Directional Antenna


Provision for quality of service (QoS) for real-time trafc in multi-hop ad-hoc wireless networks with shared medium and a contention based media access control (MAC) pro tocol is very challenging. In our previous work we have explained the challenges in detail and provided a solution within the context of suburban ad-hoc networks (SAHN). A SAHN is a multi-hop ad-hoc network that aims to provide suburban area connectivity at broadband speed with a low initial cost and zero service charges. The solution is based on an analytical model that uses the channel access mecha nism of IEEE 802.11e. The admission control mechanism of SAHN-MAC prevents any new data stream from initiat ing if the new stream saturates or is about to saturate any part of the network. The bandwidth reservation scheme is necessary for the admission control scheme to work prop erly. In this paper we extend our previous work to make SAHN-MAC independent of single frequency channel and omnidirectional antenna. The improvements have been evaluated via simulations.

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