Multicast Protocol Performance of Ad-Hoc Networks in a Hotspot Context

A. Kassler, A.B. Mnaouer, and L. Chen (Singapore)


Multicast, Ad-Hoc, ODMRP, MAODV, Hotspot, Internet.


This paper discusses the usage of Ad-hoc technologies as "hotspot extension" mechanisms. In this scenario, multi cast gateways have fixed locations and speed and connect ad hoc islands to the internet. In such an environment, traf fic is concentrated around such hotspot areas and protocol performance suffers from congestion. For improving mul ticast protocol performance in this scenario, we propose extensions for ODMRP and MAODV routing algorithms by augmenting them with a zone routing behavior, thus producing two new hybrid multicast routing algorithms, ZODMRP and ZMAODV. Our extensive simulation results show that ZODMRP provides the highest packet delivery ratio and lowest delay without introducing too much over head, which makes it the protocol of choice for providing high quality packet delivery in multicast sessions.

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