Secure Key and Location Management Schemes for Cluster based Ad-Hoc Networks

R. Shankaran, M.J. Hitchens, and V. Varadharajan (Australia)


Ad-hoc networks, security, key management


Security threats that are normally prevalent in any wired or traditional mobile network environment, also apply to ad-hoc networks. However, these threats are aggravated due to peculiarities within ad-hoc network infrastructure such as lack of centralized authority, dynamic topology changes, and unreliable wireless links. Providing a key management framework for an ad-hoc network can be challenging as topology changes frequently and there is no centralised administrative authority to rely on. This also aggravates the problems related to secrecy of node movements. Any security model must be supported by a key management infrastructure. Taking into consideration the peculiarities of an ad-hoc network, in this paper we have proposed schemes to facilitate dynamic key management, and location management with anonymity for cluster based ad-hoc networks.

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