Genetic Algorithms in Search and Analysis of Low Autocorrelation Binary Sequences

S.P.K. Babu and F. Ghani (Malaysia)


Wireless communication, autocorrelation, side-lobes,Genetic Algorithm, optimization.


The design of sequences that have low side-lobes and peaky autocorrelation functions are desirable in spread spectrum communication and efficient radar reception. The search of such sequences becomes extremely difficult when the length of the sequence is increased. In this paper Genetic Algorithm is used to search Low Autocorrelated Binary Sequences (LABS). Three objective functions (Golay merit factor, low sidelobe energy, low values of autocorrelation coefficients other than zero-lag) can be treated separately by Genetic Algorithm and an exhaustive search is done on the final population. The number of generations is controlled so that the population generated will have different sequences with desired objective functions. In this analysis it is found that only some objective functions, like minimum sidelobe energy, plays a prominent role in the overall performance. These findings provide useful information on the solution space which can enhance the search process.

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