Inductive Data Link for Body Area Network Applications

T. Tieranta, J. Hyvönen, L. Kaila, and J. Vanhala (Finland)


Wireless Networks, Inductive Coupling, Body AreaNetwork


As the number of portable electronic devices is ever increasing a communication network to link these devices is needed. Short-range wireless networks have traditionally been made by using radio frequency, capacitive or infrared links. Such a network can also be implemented by using inductive coupling which offers a strictly confined area of operation with better security compared to other technologies. This paper describes shortly the theory behind inductive coupling and the design of a demonstration board. A prototype Body Area Network (BAN) with a range of two meters was implemented using inductive links. A Bluetooth module was used to communicate with devices outside the BAN. With measurements of the implemented system the goal of this research is to find out how suitable inductive data links are for Body Area Network applications.

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