Unified Framework for Mobile IP and Ad Hoc Networks Interconnectivity

C. Wang, K.-S. Tan, W.K.-G. Seah, K.-M. Chan, and J. Shankar (Singapore)


Unified framework, Mobile IP, ad hoc, wired, wirelessnetwork.


No work has been done on the design of a unified framework to support the integration of Mobile IPv4 with multiple ad hoc routing protocols. Creating a unified framework is beneficial as it provides the foundation for optimizing the system and ensuring future changes or addition of ad hoc routing protocols will incur less integration work. The framework is designed and implemented based upon Mobile IPv4 [1], AODV [2] and OLSR [3], using modular and layered-abstraction approaches. Major functionalities supported are: micro and macro mobility, Internet connectivity via gateway discovery, and alternative route selection between two wireless ad hoc nodes via wired backbone. Performance analysis was conducted to validate the system performance. Overall, the unified framework strives to provide a complete and deployable system architecture solution for total mobility management for both wired cum wireless ad hoc environment.

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