Wavelet-based MC-CDMA Communication Systems Under Scintillation Channels

W. Wongtrairat and P. Supnithi (Thailand)


Scintillation, Satellite communication, Wavelet-based MC CDMA, Cosine Modulated Wavelets.


Satellite communication channels are affected by iono spheric scintillation phenomenon, causing signal attenua tion. This paper presents the performance of a Wavelet Based Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access (WB MC-CDMA) under flat scintillation channels, in compar ison with the Fourier-Based method. With scintillation, as the scintillation index S4 increases, the performance of communication system degrades. The simulation shows that the WB-MC-CDMA system offers the gain in SNR twice as much as the FB-MC-CDMA method at bit error rate = 1 10-3 . We also show the bit error rate perfor mance as a function of simultaneous users.

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