Performance Analysis of Single Pair HDSL

T. Limpaitoon and P. Prapinmongkolkarn (Thailand)


Telecommunication Technology, high speed internet, TC PAM, and SHDSL systems.


Today telecommunications service tends to offer higher bandwidth signal transmission at a more reasonable price. A modern technology, called Single Pair High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL), is being developed to provide high speed data transmission between 192 kbit/s and 2312 kbit/s. SHDSL transceivers are designed primarily for duplex operation using the existing twisted pairs. A 16-level Trellis Coded Pulse Amplitude Modulation (TC-PAM) line code is used. Factors affecting the efficiency of transmission are the size of twisted pair, distance, data speed and noise including interference. In this paper, the performance of signal transmission through SHDSL under the influence of both white gaussian noise and near-end crosstalk (NEXT) is analyzed using MATLAB. Transmission testing was previously performed with 26 Gauge twisted pair at a length of 2.07 km. [1] Based on calculation of probability of error, the simulation result agrees well with the test result. An improvement of SHDSL system is also discussed.

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