An Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm for Web Server Clusters: MOLL (Migration-Optimized Least Loaded) Load-Balancing Algorithm

K.L. Nilson, S. Peyyeti, and H. Fujinoki (USA)


Telecommunication technology, load balancing, and server clustering


This paper presents our ongoing research on optimizing the response time in clustered web servers. A new efficient load-balancing algorithm, Migration-Optimized Least Loaded (MOLL) algorithm, is proposed and its performance was evaluated using simulation experiment method. MOLL is new in a sense that it combines two significant factors in load balancing, server workload and session migration delay. MOLL is efficient in a sense that it results in better response time than major existing load-balancing algorithms. For low server workload, MOLL reduced response time from round robin, random, last visited and least loaded algorithms by 37.9, 36.9, 19.4 and 34.9%, respectively. They were reduced by 52.1, 51.7, 40.7, and 12.3% for high server workload. It was learned that balancing between server workload and session migration delay would be an efficient technique to optimize response time for clustered web servers.

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