Topological Communication Network Design using Improved Ant Colony Optimization

M. Qoubutra, P. Premprayoon, and P. Wardkein (Thailand)


Topological design, Telecommunication networks, Reliability, Heuristic algorithm, Tabu Search algorithm, Ant colony optimization


This paper presents an application of Improved Ant Colony Optimization (IACO) to solve the optimal telecommunication networks design considering both economics and reliability. IACO is a new cooperative agent approach, which is inspired by the observation of the behaviors of real ant colonies on the topic of ant trial formation and foraging methods. In the IACO, a set of cooperating agents called "ants" cooperates to find good solution. The advantages of IACO are parallel search and optimization capabilities. This approach is interested on the model of the reality telecommunication network. Simulation results on multiple test problems with various degrees of constraint show that this approach has high efficiency and is superior to the conventional Local Search (LS) and Tabu Search algorithm (TSA).

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