A Flexible Mobile Agent Framework for Distributed Network Management

P.H. Nghia and V. Limpoka (Thailand)


Mobile Agent, Network management, Simple Network Management Protocol, Web Services.


As the solution for solving centralized manner problems related to Simple Network Management Protocol such as excessive processing, bandwidth consumption, network delay time, etc, mobile agent technology was proposed to gain load balance between Network Management Station (NMS) and managed nodes. There are many papers working on this field to distribute or share work load from NMS to managed nodes by dispatching mobile agents to the managed nodes working on behalf of network managers. However, using mobile agent for network management with some old frameworks seems not having flexibility of management anywhere, because network managers have to sit on some fix terminal with mobile agent server installed in. To overcome this problem, this paper proposes a method in which network management by mobile agent can be used via Web Services. Network managers can invoke services anywhere and also take advantages of mobile agents as well.

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