A Scalable Rerouting Scheme with Dynamic Alignment of Restoration Scope for MPLS Network Resilience

D.W. Hong, D. Yun, and C.S. Hong (Korea)


Restoration, Rerouting, Network Reliance, Network Recovery and MPLS


This paper proposes a scalable rerouting scheme with dynamic alignment of restoration scope for the restoration of working Label Switched Paths (LSPs) and pre provisioned backup LSPs. This scheme is composed of two algorithms. The first algorithm is to determine the reasonable restoration scope of an intermediate network topology that is created to increase the restoration speed by narrowing the restoration scope. The second algorithm, finding the new alternative path with the intermediate network topology computed by the first algorithm, gives a new concept of restoration scope extension in the case of alternative path computation failure. Through simulation, we evaluate the performance of our restoration scheme and the existing protection schemes in terms of the restoration speed, packet loss, network resource utilization, and resource reusability of the existing working LSP.

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