A Dual-Mode Decision Feedback Channel Estimation Over Fast Fading Channels for COFDM Transmission

H. Yoshida, F. Maehara, and F. Takahata (Japan)


COFDM, channel coding, channel estimation, decision feedback, linear interpolation, burst mode


This paper proposes a decision feedback channel estima tion scheme for burst mode COFDM transmission. The proposed scheme uses a burst format with the double-ended pilot symbols and updates the channel estimates by using the forward error correction (FEC) decoding results. The feature of the proposed scheme is that the bi-directional channel estimation is realized thanks to the application of this burst format, and the range for each direction is deter mined to be proportional to the received power of the pi lot symbols. Computer simulation results showed the pro posed scheme provides better BER performance than the typical decision feedback channel estimation scheme and the linear interpolation scheme.

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