Concept of a SDR Compliant Receive Digital-Front-End for Cellular Terminals

G. Hueber, L. Maurer, G. Strasser, R. Stuhlberger (Austria), K. Chabrak (Germany), and R. Hagelauer (Austria)


Telecommunication Technology, RF Engineering, Software-define-radio, RFIC


Developments aimed at the software-defined-radio (SDR) concept for cellular applications received in creasing attention due to the necessity of multi mode/multi-system capable terminals for next gen eration cellular communication systems. This paper presents a highly reconfigurable DFE concept enabling multi-mode capable RF receivers for cellular appli cations. Its main functionality includes sample-rate conversion, channel filtering, and dynamic range con trol. The described partitioning enables shifting some of the functionality, normally located in the analog front-end (channel filtering, gain control) to the digital domain.

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