A New Model for Selection the Protection Level in GMPLS Networks

M.H. Yaghmaee and F. Jafari (Iran)


: GMPLS/MPLS networks, Quality of Services (QoS) routing, Protection/Restoration Mechanisms


With the development of networks, new technologies provide high bandwidth capacity, which makes a significant data loss if a failure cannot be recovered timely. It is imperative for GMPLS networks to provide protection/restoration of traffic. In this paper, we propose a new model to evaluate the protection performance of some existing mechanisms for establishing working paths with appropriate protection. In order to evaluate the protection level of a network, different parameters including traffic class, state of working path and the requested protection level, are considered. Then, the proposed model selects best backup methods in order to minimize the probability of network failure and the failure impact. Results show that this model offers high protection levels with optimal resource consumption.

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