A Small Size Broadband MEMS Antenna for IEEE 802.11a Applications

J.-H. Kim, E.S. Lee, S.S. Moon, J.Y. Lee, H.C. Kim, and K. Chun (Korea)


5GHz, MEMS, microstrip antenna, broadband, compact


A small size broadband microstrip patch antenna with small ground plane has been fabricated using MEMS. Multiple layer substrates are used to realize small size and broadband characteristics. The microstrip patch is divided into 3 pieces and each patch is connected to each other using a metal microstrip line. The fabrication process is simple and only one mask is needed. Two types of microtrip antennas are fabricated. Type A is the microstrip antenna with metal lines and type B is the microstrip antenna without metal lines. The size of proposed microstip antenna is 8*12*2mm3 and the experimental results show that the antenna type A and type B have the bandwidth of 420MHz at 5.3 GHz and 480MHz at 5.66 GHz, respectively.

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