Highly Densely Charged Packets of Electrons:An Inevitable Solution for Resistance Free Circuitry

S. Tiwari (India)


Energy and Power Systems, Electromagneticvacuum fluctuations, Casimir effect, and Packet of Electrons


Electromagnetic Zero point vacuum fluctuations manifest themselves in the form of Casimir effect discovered in 1948. The effect takes place due to the difference in the radiation pressure of the modes of the frequencies of the background electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations. This effect can take place even between electrons which ultimately are carriers of electric charge immersed in the sea of electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations. The Casimir effect at shortening distances can overpower the coulomb’s force of repulsion thereby resulting in the electrons finally being attracted towards each other forming stable packets of electrons. The implications of these packets of electrons are as far reaching and awe inspiring as can be imagined. The packets of electrons could totally replace conductors required for the flow of electric charge as they would move even through plastic tubes as water does moving through pipes, basically due to the difference in potential resulting from varying altitudes or pressures. This technology would reduce the resistance dramatically and help in designing very high speed circuits even at room temperatures as these packets would not encounter collisions as electrons do, while moving through a conductor. This technology can bring a new revolution in the electronics industry. In this paper we would be considering the viability of systems based on the concept of formation of highly densely charged packets of electrons formed under the balanced interaction of coulomb’s force of repulsion and Casimir force.

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