EMTDC Model Development of Solar-Powered Hydrogen Production System

D. Lee, J. Kim, M. Park, and I.-K. Yu (Korea)


SPE, Solar cell, PV-SPE system, Optimal voltage, Reference voltage control


This paper presents an effective modeling scheme of PV SPE system for hydrogen production. As oxygen and hydrogen produced by water electrolysis using SPE are high purity, we can use oxygen in biomedical and hydrogen can also used in many ways. Recently, it is under the eye as a surplus power storage system. PSCAD/EMTDC model of PV-SPE system for hydrogen production to efficiently utilize solar cell energy which produces effectively hydrogen energy is showed in this paper. The simulated results are verified by comparing them with the actual values obtained from the data acquisition system. Authors are sure that it is a useful method to the researchers who study solar powered hydrogen production system.

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