Minimum Load Shedding in a Specified Direction

L.V. Barboza, R.S. Salgado, and A.A.P. Lerm (Brazil)


Optimal power flow, parameterized load, load shedding, Interior Point technique, and LTC transformers.


Unsolvable power flows can be modeled as a problem of load shedding in a specified direction in which all system controls have been already set. This methodology can be stated as an optimization problem in which the objective function is the load factor that parameterizes the real and reactive power demands. The minimization approach is subject to both equality (the parameterized real and re active power mismatches) and inequality (for instance, operation and/or equipment limits) constraints. As for the operation limits, we notice that the minimum and maxi mum values of both complex voltage magnitudes and taps of the LTC transformers must be considered. The litera ture says that the inclusion of the taps as optimization variables causes an oscillatory behavior in the iterative process. This paper presents an efficient and suitable methodology to deal with load tap change transformers (LTC). The application of this methodology to test systems has reduced the computational efforts to obtain the feasible operation point for the systems. Results are presented for both IEEE test-systems and a real bulk power system.

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