Locating Capacitor Switching using Wavelet Transform and Self-organizing Mapping Network

Y.-Y. Hong, C.-S. Chiou, and C.-W. Wang (Taiwan)


capacitor-switching, locating, wavelet transform, self-organizing mapping neural network


:The transient caused by the load/capacitor switching is one of the important power quality (PQ) problems. Especially, the capacitor switching on may lead to a serious disturbance or even a resonance in the system. The PQ monitoring, on the other hand, is addressed to identify different PQ phenomena. With the help of monitoring result, the causes of events, e.g., parallel resonance, can be clarified. In this paper, the discrete wavelet transform is used to extract the features of transients caused by the capacitor switching. The wavelet coefficients are then served as inputs to the hybrid self-organizing mapping neural network for locating the capacitor switching transients. The simulation results obtained from a distribution system show the applicability of the proposed method.

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