A Study and Simulation for the Sympathetic Phenomena in Transformers

B. Ramezani, H. Keivani, and H. Heydari (Iran)


Modelling and Simulation, Transformers, Sympathetic, Inrush Current


This paper investigates the inrush current phenomena in substations including parallel-connected transformers or transformer banks. It is based on analytical expressions for the transformers' nonlinear, and generally not identical, magnetization curves (from curve fitting of experimental data) and the numerical solution of the differential equations. It will then be possible to determine the waveforms of the interesting signals (i.e. currents, fluxes) of each transformer, the total substation current. This will be followed by a study of the affecting parameters on the expected magnitudes of eventually strongly distorted waveforms of the individual transformers' inrush currents. The effect of eventually existing power factor correcting shunt capacitors will be also investigated. It is believed that the study will provide helpful information regarding the protection of transformers and substations.

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