A Static Reliability Assessment for Combined Cycle Power Plant in Thailand

W. Ongsakul and K. Chayakulkheeree (Thailand)


Expected energy not served, equivalent load duration curve, outage cost


This paper proposes a static reliability assessment for the combined cycle and thermal power plants in Thailand. A recursive algorithm for capacity model building is used to calculate the loss of load probability (LOLP), expected energy not serve (EENS), and the expected energy served by each generator. The annualized capital investment is taken into account as well as the value of lost load. The load duration curve and the generators forced outage rate data are obtained from the historical data of Thai power system. The result shown that the total expected cost of the system with combined cycle power plants is much lower than that of the system with thermal power plants due to the lower investment, fuel cost, and the expected outage cost. In addition, combined cycle power plants are the better candidates than thermal plants for the future power plants in Thailand.

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