Constant Var Operation of Asymmetrical Firing Angle Controlled 12-Pulse Converter

A.K. Gaja, J.K. Chatterjee, and P.S. Modi (India)


12-pulse converter, Var Control, Asymmetrical Firing, Harmonics.


This paper presents a detailed investigation of controlled Var operation of 12-pulse thyristor converter operating under asymmetrical firing angle mode. The study shows, the best 12-pulse converter operation with the widest range of active power control will be at Var level of 0.5 per unit. In the asymmetrical firing angle mode, the presence of 6 1n harmonics in the input causes more severe iTHD as compared to that of symmetrical mode of operation. A comparative evaluation of the performance of 12-pulse converter operating in asymmetrical mode in terms of the ratio of iTHD to active power range in the input, for a Var level ranging between 0.5 and 1.0 p.u. is presented.

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