The Market and Fabrication of Ultra-High Performance Lamps (UHP)

Y.-P. Lee, C.-K. Huang, H.-K. Chen, Y.-J. Chen, and L. Chen (Taiwan)


Ultra-High Performance lamps (UHP),High-intensity discharge lamps (HID)


The computer projectors are increasingly popular; developing a low cost, high efficient and high luminance lamp is the key to improve its performance and increase its market share and penetration. The Ultra-High Performance lamp (UHP) is developed from High-intensity discharge (HID) technologies. The luminance of UHP can exceed 9,000 only with 150W power consumption. It has great potential to replace other technologies and become the main stream of the future computer projector industry. This paper discusses the key issues of HID technologies and their applications on the development of high efficient and high luminance UHP lamps. In addition, the trend of the future market, the plan of fabrication, and the measures for yield improvement are also discussed.

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