Sharing of Instrument Resources on the Basis of Distributed Information Measurement System

S.A. Kiprushkin, N.A. Korolev, and S.Yu. Kurskov (Russia)


System architecture, distributed information measurement system, equipment server, CAMAC server, GPIB server, scientific research.


The present paper is devoted to the distributed information measurement system for support of research with remote access to informational and instrumental resources within the Intranet/Internet networks. The authors created the software and hardware of remote access and control described herein. This system is characterized by the network integration of computer based research equipment for the natural sciences. It provides multiple access to such resources in the networks functioning on the basis of Protocol Stack TCP/IP. The access to physical equipment is realized through the standard interface servers (CC, GPIB), the server providing access to MCS-196 microcontrollers, and the communication server, which integrates the equipment servers into uniform information system. The system is used for making research task solutions in optical spectroscopy, as well as for supporting educational process at the Department of Physics and Engineering of Petrozavodsk State University.

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