On the Development of Guidance, Navigation and Control Algorithms for Unmanned Air Vehicles

O.A. Yakimenko, I.I. Kaminer, V.N. Dobrokhodov, and K.D. Jones (USA)


Transportation, Analysis and Design, System Architecture, Modeling and Simulation.


This paper describes the development and application of a rapid prototyping system for flight testing of autonomous flight algo rithms for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) at the Naval Post graduate School. The system provides a small team with the ability to rapidly prototype new theoretical concepts and flight test their performance in realistic mission scenarios. The original development was done using MATRIXX Xmath/SystemBuild environment almost a decade ago. Currently, the system has been converted to the Mathworks MATLAB/Simulink develop ment environment. The fleet of UAVs currently available at the NPS includes several fixed-wing airplanes with wing-spans of up to 3.5m all the way down to flapping-wing micro UAVs (MAVs) with wings spans as small as 23cm. The paper de scribes the hardware and software tools currently adopted for the system and briefly discusses the variety of projects that have included path following algorithms, voice control, vision based navigation for shipboard landing, autoland system development, etc.

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