Automatic System for Diagnostics of Current Collectors of Rolling Stock

B.V. Vanyushev, E.L. Emelyanov, A.K. Potashnikov, and V.A. Frolov (Russia)


Automatic inspection, working algorithms, stepper motor, current collector


The results on create of automatic system for diagnostics of current collector of rolling stock are presented. The system allows to inspect under locomotive shed conditions such technical parameters as a time of elevating (lowering) of pantograph from folded position up to maximum working height (from maximum working height up to folded position) at nominal compressed air pressure; static pressure on a contact wire in the whole range of working heights under elevating or lowering of pantograph. An operator work in the process of inspection is minimum. The structure of system is considered. The construction that allows us to ensure minimal vertical dimensions is proposed. The above-mentioned requirement results from the peculiarities of system operation under locomotive shed conditions. Algorithm of control by elevating mechanism driver, taking into account its dynamical and resonance properties, is proposed and realized. This algorithm also ensures the decrease of lifting mechanism dimensions. Operation algorithms and the system performances are given.

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