The Explicit Methods for Solving Stiff Systems in Tool Environment of TMMA

Yu.V. Shornikov and E.A. Novikov (Russia)


Stiff systems, explicit methods, biliary system, numerical stability, hybrid systems modeling, instrumental tools.


Tool means of machine analysis (TMMA) of dynamic systems are developed. TMMA is realized in visual environments Visual C++ and C++ Builder on PC of a standard configuration. Effective explicit methods of the decision of stiff systems are included in structure with the expanded stability regions of the variable order, step and with the variable number of stages. The operation of TMMA is shown in modeling an alive biliary system in which processes are discrete-continuous. In contrast with the known hybrid models, the model of the differential equations with binary components is suggested. The transition from one event to another depends on values of binary components that determine a kind of the right part of ODE at approach of the certain events in the system.

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