Sensor System for a Human-Following Robot

H.-K. Chan, W. Ye, T.-L. Lam, Y. Ou, and Y. Xu (PRC)


ultrasonic, sensor, tracking, mobile robot, human following


This paper describes the implementation of the sensor sys tems of a human-following wheeled mobile robot. The au thors use a leg-tracking vision algorithm to simplify the human-detection task. The algorithm is good in its sim plicity and its insensitivity to the luminosity of the environ ment. In addition, the authors implement an ultrasonic sen sor system to complement the leg-tracking algorithm. The authors use a multi-ultrasonic-receiver configuration to lo cate the ultrasonic emitter. The design is that the person carries the ultrasonic emitter and the robot carries the ul trasonic receivers so that robot can get the position of the person. Right now, the ultrasonic receiver system can lo cate the ultrasonic emitter. The ultrasonic tracking sensor system is good in its simplicity, high accuracy, high resolu tion, and long operation range.

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