Maintenance and Modification of Complex Software Systems WITHIN an Advance Practice

V.G. Promyslov, E.Ph. Jharko, and O.A. Promyslova (Russia)


software, maintenance, modification


During the last decade, the automated process control systems (APCSs) have achieved a qualitatively new level of the development; and a consequence of the progress is considerable complication of the APCS software and its life cycle. In 2000, at the Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICS RAS) it has been elaborated a complex of the system software LICS for the perspective nuclear power plant APCSs. The required life cycle of the total APCS is not less than 30 years, what leads to a necessity of developing and implementing comprehensive procedures on maintaining and modification of the software complexes. In the paper, an experience gathered in the ICS RAS on maintaining the system software LICS, assuring quality of the updated program code and forecasting of costs of its modification and maintenance is presented.

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